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Synhelion success story

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Cost Reduction


Time Savings


Increase in new materials candidates

Synhelion excels with ExoMatter

Synhelion was working with redox materials to commercialize the production of solar fuels, mainly for application in aviation. They had already identified some materials, but wanted to explore alternatives with an equally good performance. Synhelion relied on ExoMatter for quantum-chemical simulation data for over 45,000 materials, leveraging the result of ~50 Mio. CPU-hours by scientists around the world. ExoMatter also conducted a thermodynamic simulation based on Synhelion’s process parameters.

“By working together with ExoMatter we could spend more time on the actual implementation of our ideas and accelerate our research significantly.”

Simon Ackermann

Head of Chemistry

ExoMatter provided analyses for multiple process parameter sets with over 1,000 materials . Laboratory time was reduced by 6-12 months and a wealth of new materials candidates identified.

Fuel production processes via thermochemical redox cycles are an active and complex field of research in which ExoMatter is a competent partner.