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Cost Reduction


Time Savings


Increase in new materials candidates

DLR excels with ExoMatter

DLR was looking into redox materials allowing the efficient conversion of CO2 into CO as a component of syngas using solar-thermal energy. They had identified suitable materials, but would like to optimize their solar-to-fuel efficiency by tuning the composition. The goal was to find materials with redox enthalpy lower than (Ce,Zr)O2. ExoMatter offered Quantum-chemical simulation (DFT) of completely new materials, simulated complex oxides of three different metals and ran thermodynamic calculations based on formation enthalpies.

“By working together with ExoMatter we can spend more time on the actual implementation of our ideas and accelerate our research significantly.”

Dr. Martin Roeb

Head of Department, Institute of Future Fuels, DLR.

The project produced 15 simulated materials in a multi-step process with simulation of different phases. Experimental time was reduced by 6-12 months. An array of new materials candidates was found.

Put ExoMatter to the test and we will present you with your roadmap for computational materials research.