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What's included:

  • 5GB Capacity

  • Access to data of > 1.5 Mio materials


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What's included:

  • 100-500 GB Capacity

  • Support

  • Onboarding

  • Save Searches and Results

  • 2.000 - 10.000 CPU hrs

  • Workshops

  • Access to data of > 1.5 Mio materials

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Payment table

# of Users
Level 111010
Level 22020
Level 33535
CPU hrs (per month)
Level 12.0005.000
Level 24.00010.000
Level 310.00020.000
OverviewNo saved searches or results. All data is publicSaved searches and resultsSaved searches and results
OverviewAccess to data of >1.5 Mio materialsAccess to data of >1.5 Mio materialsAccess to data of >1.5 Mio materials
Level 15GB100GB1TB
Level 2200GB2TB
Level 3500GB5TB
OverviewOnline tutorials onlyAdvanced SupportPremium Support incl. Scientific Support hrs
Level 150hrs
Level 2100hrs
Level 3160hrs


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