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Carbyon Success Story

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Carbon Footprint Reduction

Being more energy-efficient during carbon capture

Carbyon was determined to make their process for direct air capture of CO2 more energy-efficient. They asked for ExoMatter’s support in identifying inorganic materials that would not have a higher energy demand than <1000 kWh/t CO2. ExoMatter provided quantum-chemical simulation data for almost 5,000 materials, leveraging the result of ~10 Mio. CPU-hours by scientists around the world. Machine Learning was used for solubility calculations.

“We were impressed to receive first results less than a month after the kick-off. This is a tremendous way to speed up materials research.”

Hans De Neve


90 new materials candidates were identified, saving Carbyon 6-12 months of laboratory work. Some of the identified materials had an energy demand of less than 150 kWh/t CO2.

ExoMatter speeds up your materials research.