We’re democratizing access to the most sustainable, cost-effective materials

Help us build the world’s largest database of newly discovered materials and most efficient research and development engine to support future innovations.

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Our values

This is what defines us

We are optimistic

Excitement and curiosity guide our work. In our drive to revolutionize the industry we take pride in helping clients realize their vision for the perfect materials.

We are open-minded

We believe innovation requires the ability to adapt quickly to change and thoughtfully weigh new information in this era of rapid transformation.

We prioritize sustainability

Better materials will form the foundations of a better, safer world. Reducing carbon footprints and inefficiencies in the production process is a social, environmental, and business imperative.

We move with integrity

We strive to build trust and bring greater transparency and access to materials development. To do this, we maintain a culture of ownership and responsibility.


Enjoy with us...

As an early stage startup, we’re growing fast and want our team members to feel appreciated, respected, and put in a position to not only thrive, but excel. We want you on the journey with us!

Exceptional work-life balance

We believe family, personal life, and work shouldn’t have to compete with one another. That’s why we set a 35-hour work week for full-time employees and flexible hours so you can build a schedule that works for you.

Cutting-edge tech

We provide the latest MacBooks and Thinkpads, which can be used for both work and personal use.

Hybrid work environment

While we value flexibility, we still believe in the power of in-person collaboration and sense of unity that an office brings. So we require employees to work from our Munich office at least 50% of the time.

Additional benefits

We offer a virtual stock options program, along with access to a corporate benefits platform which offers an array of shopping deals and discounts. We’ll also cover your commute with a Deutschlandticket - a prepaid public transport ticket valid in all of Germany.


Where in-person and remote work converge for success

We believe in the advantages of both in-person collaboration and remote work, and therefore, we are implementing a hybrid solution. If you apply, please make sure that you are able to work at least part of your week physically present in Munich. If you live somewhere else in Germany or the neighboring countries, we don’t expect you to move right away for a startup job, but you should be willing to do so soon after your probation period.


Talent search

Our hiring process


A short interview where you’ll tell us about your experience and why you’re interested in joining us. Questions are welcome!

Sample project and review

We’ll ask you to complete a take-home challenge that aligns with your potential role. Then you’ll meet with one or more of our team leaders to discuss your decision process.

Team interview

An in-person meeting with one of our co-founders (and possibly other team mates) to get a sense of how you might fit in with the team and to discuss the details of your potential contract.


Open positions